Reading Response ~ It’s Monday!!

This week I have been working on two wonderful books: Hurt Go Happy by Ginny Rorby and Little & Lion by Brandy Colbert. This has, unfortunately, been the first week since the beginning of the year, that I haven’t been able to completely finish a book in a week. I attribute this to the end of the school year and all that pertains to getting ready for that. But I have been able to, luckily, get some reading in and have all the confidence that I will get one, if not both, of these novels done in the coming week.

Hurt Go Happy is a fabulous book about Joey Willis who lost her hearing at the age of six. Since then, she has become accustomed to being left out of conversations. Her mother is adamantly against having Joey learn sign-language (I have yet to find the reason why) and therefore must rely on reading lips. During an outing gathering mushrooms, Joey happens upon the land of Dr. Charles Mansell and soon discovers he has a baby chimpanzee named Sukari. Joey begins to learn sign language with her new friends…but how will her mother react to this discovery? I can’t wait to find out.

Little & Lion is another fascinating book. Suzette returns home from New England to Los Angeles after being away in a boarding school. Her brother, Lionel, was diagnosed with bipolar so her mother and step-father had sent her away while Lionel was learning to cope with his condition. When Suzette returns, she begins to fall back into her normal routines with old friends and her new crush, Emil. But things are starting to become unraveled as a new “crush” has Suzette trying to figure her life out. How will Lionel’s condition affect Suzette and those around her, and will a love triangle be the down-fall to Suzette. These and other questions will hopefully be answered as I continue to read Little & Lion.

2 thoughts on “Reading Response ~ It’s Monday!!

    1. Thank you! I actually finished Little & Lion last night, so I’ll blog on that Monday. I really enjoyed it, it has so many powerful things it deals with. I recommend reading Hurt Go Happy when you have time, I’m a little over half-way through; it is also a really good book.


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