Signature Assignment ~ Diverse Literature



Understanding Diversity and Cultures

Target Grades: 9th -12th

Duration: 1-2 weeks (including reading text)

Goal: To give students an understanding and appreciation of other cultures and diversity in the world today using YA Literature.

Objectives: Students will develop diverse and multicultural perspectives, diverse and cultural consciousness, and increase their diverse and intercultural competences.

Instructional Delivery/Student Activities

Pre-reading Activities:

Quick Write:  What does diversity mean to you? What does culture mean to you? Why are cultures and diversity important?

Brainstorm: Create a list of events, current or historical, that show a lack of respect for a culture or for diversity. Discuss what the implications of these events were/are.

Think/Pair Share: Why is important to learn about other cultures? Why should we learn about others’ differences? What can be the result of not respecting differences?

Brainstorm: What are some ways people can become more informed and tolerant of others’ differences? What could be the result of learning about other cultures and diversity?

Reading Activities:

YA Literature: Students will pick a diverse YA literature book from a list provided by the teacher (or if they have one they would like to read, they may have it approved by the teacher).

Author’s Background: Research the author. Why do you think the author chose to write this particular book? Was there an underlying reason?

Title: Look at the title. What predictions can you make about the book? Is there a message about diversity/culture in the title?

Close Reading Activity: As the students read their chosen books, they will look for specific clues to diversity/culture:

  • Find four quotes from the book that explains the narrator’s point of view about the culture and/or diversity.
    • What do these quotes reveal about the narrator’s attitude?
  • Find three examples from the reading of new information you gained about the culture or diversity.
  • What is the theme of the story? The overall message the author is trying to get across?

Post Reading Activity

Write a paragraph explaining new information you gained from the reading. Cite at least three pieces of evidence to support your claim.

Extension Activity

Create a media presentation (podcast, video, slideshow, etc.) highlighting the reasons for learning about diversity and/or other cultures. Upload the presentation to my website to be shared and enjoyed by all.

Nebraska ELA Standards:

LA 10.1.6.a
Evaluate the meaning, reliability, and validity of text considering author’s
purpose, perspective, and contextual influences.
LA 10.1.6.b
Analyze and evaluate the relationships between elements of literary text
(e.g., characterization, setting, plot development, internal and external
conflict, inferred and recurring themes, point of view, tone, mood)
LA 10.1.4.a
Adjust reading strategies to persevere through text of increasing length
and/or complexity.
LA 10.1.6.g
Cite specific textual evidence to analyze and evaluate the effects of historical,
cultural, biographical, and political influences of literary and informational text
written by culturally diverse authors, to develop a regional, national, and
international multicultural perspective
LA 10.1.6.l
Build background knowledge and activate prior knowledge to clarify text,
deepen understanding, and make connections while reading complex text.
LA 10.1.6.m
Self-monitor comprehension and independently apply appropriate strategies
to understand complex text.
LA 10.1.6.n
Formulate and justify inferences with text evidence while previewing, reading,
and analyzing literary and informational text in various formats.
LA 10.1.6.o
Demonstrate an understanding of complex text by using textual evidence to
support analysis, reflection, and research via multiple mediums (e.g., writing,
artistic representation, video, other media)








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